Advantech Connect

Co-Creating the Future of the IoT World

Feb. 24 - May 6, 2021

Leverage AI, 5G, cloud computing, and edge intelligence technology to revolutionize industry.

Meet ecosystem partners committed to ushering in a new wave of IoT solutions.

Co-create the future IoT world and accelerate digital transformation.

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Advantech Visionary Keynote

Share industrial IoT insights and strategies. Discover new growth opportunities. Accelerate your digital transformation. Co-create an IoT world.

Edge+ Solutions to the Future of AIoT

We will share new innovations about the “Edge+” concept to shape the next industrial revolution. Featuring six different sub themes and more than 50 sessions to uncover new business opportunities in embedded, edge intelligence, AI, 5G, and cloud services. Collaborating with Intel, Microsoft, NVIDIA, and NXP ecosystem partners will give us another leap forward in the exciting era of AIoT.

Cloud Platform & Solutions for WISE Ecosystem

Advantech WISE ecosystem provides key elements for successful digital transformation. From edge-to-cloud data fusion and applications, domain-focused industrial apps, training and consulting services, to business-acceleration programs .Let's co-create your solution-landing and AIoT co-prosperity.

Industrial IoT Solutions

By sharing the insight and strategies of the future Industrial IoT , uncovering new opportunities for growth, and accelerating your digital transformation. Let’s co-create the future of the IoT World.

Smart City Solutions and Services

We produce industrial computers, mobile devices and tablets, and integrated software and hardware solutions for the intelligent healthcare, retail, hospitality, logistics, and smart city vertical markets and service industries.

Cloud, Networking & Video Solutions

AIoT is transforming businesses across industries, driven by machine learning, automated decision making, hyper-connectivity, and massive exchange of data. Corporations building a competitive, agile and secure edge, that tightly integrates with public and private clouds, will be ready to thrive in the new AIoT era, quickly adapt to business changes and increasingly adopt intelligence into their operations.


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Feb. 24 - May 6, 2021

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