Make Mission Critical Simple

Mar. 19, 2021 / 02:00PM - 03:10PM (New York Time)










Why Attend

Strengthen Mission Critical Applications

Gain insights of the latest market trends and how to be adaptive with cybersecurity and networking communication technologies.

Reinforce Rugged Product Offerings

Mission critical environments are full of uncertainties and can be highly risky. Learn how Advantech offers AI and time-sensitive data processing with design-in services.

Bond with Faithful Partners

Completing missions without allies is impossible. Advantech has teams up with multiple silicon partners and domain-focused solution providers to deliver highly integrated solutions.



02:00 - 03:10

Make Mission Critical Simple

02:00 - 02:03

Opening Remarks

Huan TrangSales DirectorAdvantech North America

02:03 - 02:23

Market Trend Analysis : Accelerate Deployment of Mission Critical Applications for the Next Generation

John ReisVertical Key Account ManagerAdvantech North America

Joseph KvortekBusiness Development ManagerAdvantech North America

02:23 - 02:38

TechTalks: Securing the Intelligence Surveillance & Reconnaissance (ISR) Mission

Kevin AyerPh.D., Platform ArchitechIntel

02:38 - 02:58

Reinforcing Ultra Rugged and Reliable Solutions for Mission Critical Applications

Deborah LuProduct ManagerAdvantech North America

Shawn FanPM SupervisorAdvantech North America

02:58 - 03:08

Complete Your Mission with Advantech nVidia Products and Customization Services

Joseph HannaProduct ManagerAdvantech North America

03:08 - 03:18

Providing Secure and Instant Communication Services

Ryan LutherCTOWind Talker

03:18 - 03:20

Always Here -- Your Mission Critical Partner

Joseph KvortekBusiness Development ManagerAdvantech North America


Kevin Ayer


Ryan Luther

Wind Talker

Deborah Lu

Advantech North America

Huan Trang

Advantech North America

Joseph Hanna

Advantech North America

Joseph Kvortek

Advantech North America

Shawn Fan

Advantech North America

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